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Climate and Weather

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The climate of Andros is usually characterized by mild, rainy winters and warm dry summers. Due to the topographic conditions, there are considerable climatic differences on the island. For example, only the lower-lying areas have a continuous dry period in the summer, in higher-lying areas it also sometimes rains in the summer. The average annual temperature is approximately 18.0°C. C. Due to the cooling Meltemi winds from northwest to northeast from late July to early September, the average July temperature is around 25°C. ‘In winter, the average temperature in January is around 12.0°C. Night frost days are rare on Andros, averaging eight per year.
The elevation of the island and its northwest-southeast orientation make the annual rainfall remarkably higher compared to other Cycladic islands. In the coastal areas an average of about 450 to 500 mm falls, in the mountain areas more than 900 mm. Almost every year, from January to February, some snow falls in the villages of the mountainous region of Kouvara-Petalo. Snowfall at lower altitudes is rare. In the summer months in the mountainous region of Petalo Kouvara, the dry and cool Meltemi in combination with evaporation of water causes local cloud formation and increased humidity.

maximumminimumhours of sunshinerain
January12°C7°C491 mm
February13°C7°C566 mm
March14°C8°C658 mm
April18°C11°C829 mm
May22°C15°C1020 mm
June26°C19°C139 mm
July28°C21°C135 mm
August28°C21°C125 mm
September25°C18°C1016 mm
October21°C15°C750 mm
November17°C12°C566 mm
December14°C9°C495 mm


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