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Basic information
Official languageGreek
Area356 kmĀ²
Population23,845  (2019)
Currencyeuro  (EUR)

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Vacations and Sightseeing

Lefkas Town is a tourist destination par excellence. Since its opening, the new marina has become enormously popular and it has led to an influx of new visitors. Lefkada is a very pleasant, friendly, typical Greek town. Lefkas town is an ideal place to stay on holiday, there are shopping opportunities, museums and lots of atmosphere. There are many kilometres of beautiful beaches to the north, east and west of the town. They are easily reached by bicycle or by walking to them. The nearest is the beach next to the Agii Mavra fortress (Santa Maura) and the lighthouse, just 10 minutes east of Lefkada Town. The beaches are pebble, gravel and sand and the water is very clear. The 'Blue Flag' beach of Aghios Ioannis is rapidly developing as the second windsurfing destination on the island, after Vassiliki. It is only 1.5 km west of Lefkas town and there are five abandoned windmills on the beach.

The area around Nidri village on Lefkas is fairly flat and lends itself well to cycling tours and walks through the olive groves. Try a walk to the waterfalls of Nydri near Rahi village (approx. 4km), or cycle around Vlicho Bay to the white church of Agia Kiriaki on the headland of Geni (Yeni). For those with more energy, there are walks in the surrounding hills to Paleokatouna, Neohori and Haradiatika, in spring the flowers and blossoms are at their best. Nidri is one of the most important sailing destinations in the Ionian Sea and is the starting point for a number of flotilla and yacht charters. The beaches of Nidri slope gently and are of pebble and gravel. Sand has been added in some areas. The water is clear, with little current and heats up quickly in the summer. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented at the beach. You can do water sports or rent a motorboat and there are plenty of friendly bars and tavernas on the waterfront.



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