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Climate and Weather

Karpathos has a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny, dry summers and mild winters. From November to March there is considerable precipitation. The strong summer 'Meltémi' wind ensures that, especially on the west coast, the daytime temperatures are bearable in the hottest months of the year, July and August. The warmest period on Karpathos is during the last ten days of July and the first ten days of August. The climate of Karpathos is similar to the other islands of the Dodecanese, but on Karpathos it is generally drier.

The average minimum temperature over a year is 11 °C, the average maximum temperature is almost 30 °C. The average minimum temperature almost never falls below 8 °C and the average maximum temperature sporadically exceeds 31 °C.

The "warm" season runs from 11 June to 23 September, when the daytime temperature is always above 26.7 °C. The warmest day of the year is 12 August with an average temperature of not less than 24.4 °C and not more than 29.4 °C.

The "cold" season runs from 7 December to 2 April, when the daytime temperature is always below 17.8 °C. The coldest day is on average 13 February with a temperature of not less than 11.1 °C and not more than 15 °C. The number of daylight hours varies greatly, the shortest day being 21 December with 9.45 hours of daylight, and the longest day being 20 June with 14.33 hours of daylight.

Days with prolonged rainfall are rare on Karpathos. Most rain falls during thunderstorms, on 40% of the rainy days, and during showers with light (37%) to moderate rainfall (17%). The average annual rainfall on Karpathos is 678 mm.

CLIMATE TABELavg. max. temp.avg. min. temp.hours sun p/drainy days p/mmm rain p/mavg. seatemperature
january14 °C8 °C51116516 °C
february15 °C8 °C698716 °C
march16 °C9 °C787616 °C
april19 °C12 °C872517 °C
may23 °C15 °C1031519 °C
june27 °C19 °C131222 °C
july30 °C21 °C131024 °C
august30 °C22 °C131025 °C
september27 °C20 °C1121024 °C
october23 °C16 °C856022 °C
november19 °C13 °C679020 °C
december16 °C10 °C51214818 °C



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