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Religious buildings on Hydra

Hydra, has five convents, one monastery and some 300 churches, chapels and other religious buildings.

The nunnery of Agia Eupraxia is located at an altitude of 500 metres, a short distance from the monastery of Profitias Ilias (Prophet Elijah). The monastery, built in 1865, is surrounded by pine and cypress trees and is well worth a visit, either on foot or by donkey of course.

The Profitias Ilias Monastery, located at an altitude of approximately 500 metres, is the only monastery on Hydra and is reached through a beautiful pine forest. The monastery was founded in 1813 by 'Kollyvades' monks. During the revolution in 1821, the monastery was used as a prison and as a place of refuge for Theodoros Kolokotronis and other rebel leaders. The monastery has a large and valuable library, founded in 1870 by the abbot at the time, Ierotheos Kostopoulos. A short distance away is the highest mountain in Hydra, Eros, which offers a magnificent view of Hydra and other islands in the Argo-Saronic Gulf.

The nunnery of Agios Nicholas is located in Limnioniza. The date of its foundation is unknown; two dates mentioned are 1675 and 1724. The church at the monastery is built in Byzantine style with an octagonal dome. At the time of the revolution in 1821, the monastery experienced a population peak, and after the Second World War the number of monks declined sharply. After the death of the last monk, Arsenius Vetimis, the monastery closed its doors. In 1983, Agios Nicholas became a nunnery and was completely restored and renovated with donations from the Orthodox Church. There are beautiful 16th century icons and frescoes to be seen.

The church of Ipapanti was built in 1870 by Lazaro Demetrio Kokini. Beautiful to see, with a marble (marble from the island of Tinos) bell tower, is the 18th century monastery church of Panagia Theotokou, built between 1760 and 1770 and now the main church on Hydra. Also special is the much newer Agios Konstandinos, dedicated to the patron saint of Hydra. In total, Hydra has about 300 churches and chapels.

The oldest church on Hydra is Agios Ioannis Pródromos, originally from the 17th century but renovated in 1783. It is the only church on Hydra whose walls are completely covered with (18th century) paintings. Of particular note is the 18th century wooden iconostasis.

On eastern Hydra, towards the Argo-Saronic Gulf and on the Anno Zourva plateau, is the Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. To get there, a water taxi is essential; it takes about 35 minutes to reach the small harbour of Lediza and from there it is still a long climb to the nunnery.



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