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Religious buildings on Skopelos

The capital Skopelos Town alone is said to have 123 churches and in the hills above the town there are around 15 monasteries. The whole of Skopelos has 40 monasteries and around 360 churches and chapels. All religious buildings are of Greek Orthodox origin, except one that was built for a small group of Jehovah's Witnesses. Many chapels are often built by the Greeks on their own land, especially if something good has happenedto them one day. The chapel is then named after the saint of that day.

Skopelos in Greek mythology

In ancient Greece, for example in the writings of the Athenian army commander and historian Thucydides, present-day Skopelos was called Peparithos. Peparithos was the brother of Staphilos, the first inhabitant of Skopelos and son of the god Dionysos and Ariadne, daughter of the Cretan king Minos.

The Legend of Riginos and the Dragon

Legend has it that 800 years ago, a dragon appeared on Skopelos and killed and ate all of its inhabitants. Neighbouring islands even sent their condemned people to Skopelos to keep the dragon at bay. This situation lasted for about 400 years, until Saint Riginos intervened. He decided to kill the animal and got on board with some of the condemned. On Skopelos the dragon saw Riginos and fled. Riginos chased the dragon between the towns of Staphilos and Amarantos and when the dragon saw no way out he jumped from a rock into the sea. The rock from which the dragon jumped broke off (schism) and the place where that happened was from that day on called Drakontoschism.



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