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Religious buildings on Poros

-Zoodóchos Pigi: 18th century monastery with tombs of independence heroes, a gilded woodcarved iconostasis and 18th century icons. The monastery church is dedicated to Pania Zoodochos Pigi, the Virgin Mary of the Fountain of Life.

-Agios Georgios: church, built before 1850 and restored in 1861, with beautiful frescoes from 1907 by the famous Greek painter Konstantinos Parthenis.

-Agios Ioannis Pródromos: 17th century chapel, one of the oldest on the island.

-Panagitsa: chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Poros in mythology

Kalavria, the large island of Poros, was offered to the god Apollo, but he gave it to the sea god Poseidon in exchange for Delphi, where the most important oracle of antiquity was located. Poros was therefore called the Island of Poseidon.

Another mythological story refers to Poros as the place where a romantic tragedy took place. When King Minos of Crete attacked the city of Megara, the city's daughter, Scylla, fell in love with Minos. To show her love to him, she cut off a lock of hair from her father, who lost his immortality as a result. Then she stole the keys of the city gates and gave them to Minos. Minos conquered the city but rejected Scylla and sailed back to Crete. In desperation she jumped into the sea, swam after Minos' ships, but drowned of exhaustion. The place where she drowned was called Cape Skili from that day onwards.

Another myth tells that Poros was the birthplace of Theseus, son of Poseidon. It was Theseus who would kill the Minotaur of Crete (half man, half bull).



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