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Akyarlar Alanya Ankara
Antalya Beldibi Belek
Bodrum Colakli Fethiye
Gumbet Içmeler Istanbul
Kemer Konakli Kumkoy
Kusadasi Lara Marmaris


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Turkey has 84,490,286 inhabitants (2020) The vast majority (70-75%) consists of Turks. The Kurds are the largest minority (19%).

Smaller minority groups are the half million Arabs and the tens of thousands of Cherkesses, Bulgarians, Armenians and Greeks. Originally much larger numbers of Greeks and Armenians lived in Turkey, but their numbers have decreased significantly after the First World War. The Kurds mainly live in the southeast of the country.

The population growth was 0.52% in 2017. 25% of the population is under 15 years old. The most populous provinces are the western provinces, those along the Black Sea and the provinces of Adana and Hatay on the Mediterranean.

More than 75% of the population lives in the cities. The largest cities are: Istanbul (14.8 million inhabitants), Ankara (4.9 million inhabitants), Izmir (2.9 million inhabitants), Bursa (1.9 million inhabitants), Adana (1.7 million inhabitants). million inhabitants). Other cities of any size are Gaziantep, Konya, Kayseri, Eskisehir, Mersin and Diyarbakir. Many Turks work abroad, especially in Western Europe (millions of them in Germany and about 400,000 in the Netherlands).

The average life expectancy in 2017 is 75 years (men 72.7 and women 77.5 years).


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