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Alanya is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Antalya in Turkey. The district covers an area of approximately 1,600 m2 and has a quarter of a million inhabitants. The city of Alanya itself has an estimated 100,000 inhabitants. In summer many times this number reside in the bustling tourist city. A holiday to Alanya has also been hugely popular among Dutch people for years.

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Alanya borders the Mediterranean on the south side. Alanya Bay is located on the east side of the city. To the west of the city is the town of Manavgat, while on the north side is the Taurus Mountains with peaks between 500-3000 meters. To the west of the city is the "citadel" peninsula. Antalya airport is about two hours away.


Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. In summer it is hot and dry and in winter it is cool and rainy. Between May and October, the average maximum temperature here is well above twenty degrees by default. In the months of July and August it will soon reach thirty degrees above thirty degrees. The number of hours of sunshine in this period is about twelve per day. There is hardly any precipitation and the sea is warm.

Between November and April the weather in Alanya is not so good. Although the sun still shines for more than five hours a day on average, it is getting a lot colder. In December it is regularly even chilly with temperatures below ten degrees. There is also more rainfall in these months.


Alanya has a rich history that goes back to about 20,000 years before the beginning of the era. Although little is known, the antiquity of the city can be proven by some architectural findings. For a long time the city was referred to as both Pamphylia and Cilicia. It was not until 1935 that Atatürk (the founder of present-day Turkey) gave the city the name Alanya. Before this the city was called Alaiye.

Alanya Ruins Byzantine churchAlanya Ruins Byzantine churchPhoto: Bestalex CC 4.0 International no changes made

In addition to the changeability of the name, the owner of the city also changed regularly over the years. From 1200, Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad ruled the city in the name of the Anatolia regime. After the covenant fell apart in 1300, the city was taken over by the feudal community of Karamanooullary. In 1427 Alanya was then sold to the Egyptian Sultan alliance of Mameluk (cost 5 thousand coins). After wandering through the Ottoman Empire and Cyprus, it has been part of Antalya Municipality since 1871. For a complete overview of the history of Turkey see the history page.


Alanya Castle - Photo: HydroxAlanya CastlePhoto: Hydrox CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Alanya Castle is one of the must see things. The structure is located at an altitude of about 250 meters on the peninsula and thus offers a great view over the sea. The total remains cover about 4 miles. The castle was built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat and consists of 83 towers, 140 bastions and more than 400 water reservoirs.

Alanya has several museums. The archaeological museum is filled with relics from the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, among others. This museum is open daily. Another nice museum is the Atatürk house. This is where Atatürk stayed during his visit on February 18, 1935.


Alanya is also a sporting destination. Various water sports are offered on the beach. For example, you can parasail above the beautiful coast or water ski. Hiking or climbing in the Taurus Mountains is also a nice option. Rafting enthusiasts must have experienced the spectacular Alara River. More standard sports activities such as volleyball, football and tennis are always nearby.

Alanya is very suitable for families. There are several swimming pools, an aqua park, children's entertainment and many more facilities that are part of a wonderful family holiday.

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