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Kumkoy Night MarketKumkoy Night MarketPhoto: Ad Meskens CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Kumkoy on the Turkish coast is an ultimate relaxation destination. As far as accommodation is concerned, the seaside resort is at the forefront and you have a wide choice of beautiful hotels with water sports options. The comfortable holiday addresses in combination with the many amenities and possibilities of Kumkoy make it an all-round seaside resort. Discover it for yourself in this idyllic place on the Mediterranean!

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Kumkoy is one of the smaller seaside resorts located on the Turkish Riviera. It is located between the larger Antalya and Side and because of its small scale it is a wonderful oasis of peace in relation to these two tourist cities. The actual city center of Kumkoy is slightly inland, but the vast majority of the holiday accommodation has a direct view of the beach and the sea. Kumkoy's beaches are among the most beautiful in the entire Turkish Riviera! Is Kumkoy your vacation destination? Then it is best to fly to Antalya Airport, which is less than 25 kilometers from the seaside resort.

Kumkoy BayKumkoy BayPhoto: Pilettes CC 3.0 Unported no changes made


Due to its location on the Turkish Riviera, Kumkoy naturally has the advantage of the pleasant climate of this region. This means that you can count on a lot of sun, pleasant temperatures and wonderfully warmed sea water. The seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera have an average of no less than 300 days of sunshine a year and there is hardly any rainfall, especially in summer. The Kumkoy coastline is considered one of the warmest places in Europe in high season. But don't worry, with a cooling sea breeze it is great to stay in the seaside resort! Thanks to the warm maritime climate, the holiday season starts in April and you can enjoy a sun holiday here until at least mid-October.


SideSidePhoto: Ingo Mehling CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The Kumkoy area had an early civilization. This is especially reflected in nearby Side. This ancient city is the only one on Turkey's southern coastline that has been systematically excavated, providing an impressive glimpse into the past. Many monuments from Roman times have been preserved, such as the aqueducts, the agora (market place) and the thermal baths. It is advisable to visit Side at the end of the afternoon, because then it can be combined with a sunset from the Apollo temple, a picturesque scene! For a complete overview of the history of Turkey see the history page of Landenweb.


Düden Waterfalls near KumkoyDüden Waterfalls near KumkoyPhoto: Arno Prüllage CC 1.0 Generic no changes made

The area around Kumkoy is one of the most beautiful of the entire coastline in terms of nature. Close to the town, the imposing Düden waterfalls plunge into the sea and the beach of Kumkoy is phenomenal. Or actually beach is not the right word; it can be better described as a "beach park". The endless hiking trails interspersed with restaurants and beach bars offer the opportunity to walk along the beach and have dinner. The historic city of Perge is also located not far from Kumkoy. So there is plenty to see and do during your vacation!


De streek rondom de badplaats telt legio golfbanen. Alle even prachtig aangelegd en ze beschikken over ten minste 18 holes, maar er zijn er ook met meer en de Gloria Golf Club heeft er zelfs 45! Maar ook andere sportievelingen dan golffanaten zullen zich vermaken in Kumkoy. Het gebied van Antalya tot Alanya is vlak en ligt besloten tussen de Middellandse Zee en het Taurusgebergte, ideaal om kilometers te fietsen of te wandelen bijvoorbeeld!

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