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The Turkish Içmeler is an idyllic coastal town with almost 5000 inhabitants. In recent years it has become increasingly popular as a quieter alternative to the very touristy Marmaris and also as a holiday destination in itself. Due to the increasing popularity of Içmeler, all kinds of facilities for holidaymakers can now be found here; for example, the most diverse water sports can be practiced on the beach and there is a wide choice of brand new accommodation options.

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Icmeler Bay - Photo: Public DomainIcmeler BayPhoto: Public Domain

Içmeler is located on the same beautiful bay as the famous Marmaris. The beautiful beaches and clear blue water are the aspects that give this holiday destination its popularity. Içmeler is located only nine kilometers from Marmaris and can therefore just be counted as part of the Turkish Riviera. With the dolmus it only takes you fifteen minutes to cover the distance between the two cities and so Içmeler can practically be regarded as a suburb of the greater Marmaris. From Dalaman airport, Içmeler can be reached within an hour and a half, making it easy to travel.


Located in the very north of the Turkish Riviera, Içmeler, with its dry, warm summers, is the ideal place for sun worshipers. A saying about this place goes that the sun never loses its smile here. In terms of temperatures, the summer season starts from May and then it is wonderful to stay here until mid-October. The sea is also warming up considerably during this period, with an average temperature of 25 degrees in the high season. During the winter, the area experiences heavy rainfall, which ensures that the area around Içmeler is beautifully green in the summer. The coastal town is clearly not a winter sun destination, but from spring to autumn you can enjoy many hours of sun every day.


Içmeler has housed many different peoples over the years: Syrians, Egyptians and Persians among others. The history of the town goes back to 3400 BC and these population groups have left their traces. Içmeler is now dominated by fine holiday addresses, but the remains of antiquity can be found in the vicinity of the town. For a complete overview of the history of Turkey see the history page of Landenweb.

Icmeler BeachIcmeler BeachPhoto:M. Canbalaban CC 3.0 Unported no changes made


You can experience Içmeler at its best by simply relaxing on the beaches of the town. A breathtaking sight: the blue water stands out against the radiant white sand and behind it begins an endless plain full of pine trees and oleanders. The beaches here are much more beautiful than in Marmaris, which is why many prefer to enjoy the sun in Içmeler. Especially because the seabed slopes slowly in most places. It is ideal for families with young children. Furthermore, the weekly market of Içmeler is worthwhile and you can enjoy a pleasant dinner in the restaurants and on the terraces in the city center in the evenings.

Iztuzu Beach near DalyanIztuzu Beach near DalyanPhoto: Maria Jonker CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Besides being a great holiday destination, Içmeler is also a good base; From here there are many trips to undertake. For example, visit the castle of Marmaris which offers beautiful views or go to the town of Dalyan where there is plenty to do. You can take a look at Iztuzu Beach which is a nesting place for turtles and also the thermal springs and mud baths are recommended. Plenty to do during a sun holiday in Içmeler!


Içmeler is ideal for a sporty holiday. The mountain area behind the town is the ideal backdrop for an intensive hiking trip in the great outdoors. You can also go rafting, mountain climbing or take a nice walk. In addition, activities on the beach are possible, ranging from banana riding behind a speedboat and parasailing to a relaxing boat trip or diving.

An afternoon at the Atlantis Waterpark should not be missed during a family holiday; children have the greatest fun in the swimming pools and on the water slides, while parents can retreat to the sun terrace with a good book or a drink from the bar. With the dolmus it is only a 10-minute drive from the center of Içmeler.

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