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Coast between Bodrum and AkyarlarCoast between Bodrum and AkyarlarPhoto: Georges Jansoone CC 3.0 no changes made

Akyarlar, which literally means white cliffs, is a cozy seaside town set around a beautiful moon-shaped bay. Tourist attractions such as Bodrum and Kos are not far away, but the village itself is wonderfully quiet. An ideal place if you want to enjoy the tranquility that the Turkish natural beauty and the Turkish conviviality can offer you, but also for those who fancy excursions to places with historical sights.

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Akyarlar is located about 20 kilometers from the center of Bodrum. The village is located on a bay that stretches for about a mile along the sea. Here are several ravines formed by pieces of white rock. From the bay you can already see the Greek island of Kos, which is only 5 kilometers away. Akyarlar is very popular among water sports enthusiasts due to the strong breeze from the hills. There are wooded slopes in the hinterland. The town is located 58 kilometers from Milas-Bodrum airport.


The Mediterranean climate of Akyarlar is ideal for a sun holiday. Between April and October it is hot, dry and the sun shines for many hours. In the absolute high season the temperatures easily reach thirty degrees. If you don't like the real heat, a holiday in April, May, September or October is recommended. The late season in particular is very mild and you can also enjoy the warmed sea. Winters are less warm and swimming in the sea is therefore less attractive, but the temperature is still comfortable.


Originally Akyarlar is a village of sponge divers and fishermen. It has never been an important trading post and we cannot speak of a rich history, but it is also not an out-of-the-ground tourist resort. Tourism is now the main source of income of the village and the village is geared to that. Spaciously designed resorts and a handful of terraces characterize the view of the village. When you get to the coast you will see the fishermen's houses on the right and the beach on the left and the restaurants in the center. At the moment there are almost three thousand people living in Akyarlar. For a complete overview of the history of Turkey see the history page of Landenweb.


The most prominent building in Akyarlar is the Huseyin lighthouse, built in 1931. Besides this building there are few historical buildings, but that does not mean that there is nothing to do here. On the beach you can play beach volleyball and practice various water sports. Examples are kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing.


Bodrum CastleBodrum CastlePhoto: Ad Meskens CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

When you're done with the beach activities, Kos and Bodrum are close enough for a visit. Definitely a must.

The beach is often crowded in Akyarlar. If you value a little more peace and quiet, Kemer is easy to reach. In many cases, the beaches are a lot less crowded here. You can also visit the Hüseyin lighthouse right away.

The village is known for its good fish restaurants. Some of these are located in the small center. The restaurants where you can score a pita bread or a tasty Turkish pancake are also tasty.

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