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Kemer is a Turkish seaside resort with about twelve thousand inhabitants. During the tourist season, many times this number often reside in the city. A combination of wonderful beaches, a natural region and well-developed hotels make Kemer a great holiday destination. About three hundred thousand tourists spend the night here every year.

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Kemer is located in Turkey in the Antalya region about 40 kilometers west of the city of Antalya. The tourist town is squeezed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. In the vicinity are the towns of Beldibi, Çamyuva, Göynük and Tekirova. The Olimpos Beydaglan Sahil nature reserve is adjacent to the north side of the city.


The town has a mild Mediterranean climate. This means long, dry summers and many hours of sunshine. Between May and October, the average maximum temperature here is at least 25 degrees. In peak months such as July and August, it quickly becomes thirty degrees. During this entire period, there is hardly any rainfall. In April and October the maximum temperature is on average around twenty degrees.

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Kemer enjoys a lot of sun all year round. January and December are the least months with an average of five hours of sunshine. In the other months, the number of hours of sunshine is on average between 6 and 14 per day. The temperature of the seawater is very pleasant, especially in the late season. In August and September, this temperature is behind twenty degrees. In the first five months of the year, the sea is still quite cold with a maximum temperature of twenty degrees.


Kemer was known as Eski Köy (old village) until 1917. As a result of a flood in 1910, the then residents began building a 23-kilometer-long wall. This was to protect the city from flooding from the Taurus Mountains. Kemer (literally: belt) got her name from the project.

It was not until the 1960s that tourism in Kemer emerged. After extensive investments in infrastructure, the city center and hotels, the city grew into one of the most popular cities in Turkey in the 1980s. For a complete overview of the history of Turkey see the history page of Landenweb.


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Natural beauty is one of Kemer's main attractions. The beach, the forest and the beautiful Taurus Mountains are all a feast for the eyes. Trips to the Taurus Mountains are regularly organized from the city. High-altitude towns such as Sogutcuma and Altinyaka are particularly interesting destinations. The beautiful caves in the region are also attractive.

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The historic town of Phaselis is definitely worth a visit. At about fifteen kilometers you will find the remains of an almost decayed era. The town was one of the commercial centers of the Hellenistic period well before the beginning of the era. Most of the remains are from the era of the Romans. Temples, theaters and museums are all part of the cultural experience in Phaselis.


A visit to Kemer is almost an obligation to explore the great nature. With a jeep safari you can explore a large area in a short time. Accompanied by the professional guides you have a wonderful and educational experience. After an eventful day, it is great to have a drink in the city center.

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Kemer is ideal for a mixed holiday with its rich past, many cultural remains and wonderful beaches. A visit to the beaches (most of them have the blue flag) is an absolute "must", while a trip to the ancient city of Olympos should also be on the agenda. The fire of Çirali, which has been burning for centuries, is also well worth a visit.

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