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Fethiye is a very popular holiday resort on the southwest coast of Turkey. The green, mountainous hinterland contrasts beautifully with the lush beaches, the idyllic villages and the azure blue sea on the coast. Here you will find a nice mix between old culture, modern nightlife and a nice holiday environment. A large amount and variety of accommodations makes it possible to book a tailor-made holiday.

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Fethiye is located in the south of the Turkish Riviera between Antalya and Marmaris. It is an area whose capital bears the same name. This capital is located directly on the Mediterranean and centrally located in the region. Off the coast of the region are many (uninhabited) islands, which are absolutely worth a visit.


Like almost the entire Turkish coast, Fethiye also has a Mediterranean climate. This stands for warm, dry summers and mild, but fairly wet winters and is therefore extremely suitable for a last minute to Turkey. Between April and October it is very good to stay in the Turkish region, when the maximum temperature is on average above twenty degrees. A cooling sea breeze will make the wind chill very pleasant. In the winter months it is slightly colder and it rains a bit more. The temperature of the sea remains relatively pleasant all year round. With a minimum temperature of 16 degrees in February and March and a maximum temperature of 25 degrees in August and September, you can enjoy a swim in this Turkish seaside resort all year round.


This seaside resort has had many names throughout its long history. In the fifth century BC it was called Telmessos, then Lycia, Anastasiupolois, Makri and finally Fethiye. This is partly because the place has been under many different rulerships. First the Greeks were in charge, then the Byzantines, the Ottomans and finally the Turks. Due to various earthquakes, relatively little of that long history has been preserved, except for a few amphitheaters, castles and walls. For a complete overview of the history of Turkey see the history page of Landenweb.


Amphitheater FethiyeAmphitheater FethiyePhoto: Osmanyaylali CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

When you visit this Turkish seaside town, you should visit the amphitheater. It is doubted from what time this theater dates. Some scientists think the theater was built during Alexander the Great's time, others think it was built in the second century BC. Anyway, the excavation gives you a good idea of this building that used to hold no fewer than 5000 people. The Byzantines used the theater as an arena.

Fethiye Rock TombsFethiye Rock TombsPhoto: Teeppix CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

In the mountains near the city of Fethiye you can view various tombs. These tombs have been excavated in the rocks of the mountains and have successfully withstood several earthquakes. The tombs date from the 4th century BC. There are several tombs to visit, of which the tomb of Amintas is the best known and most impressive. It is not entirely clear who this Amintas was. Perhaps this mysterious factor makes the tombs even more interesting.


But Fethiye has even more cultural attractions to offer. In the south of the city you can see the remains of an old castle that is built against the rocks. It is estimated that this castle dates back to the fourth century BC and was built by members of the knighthood of Saint John, who arrived in Fethiye on a crusade towards the holy land.

If you can't get enough of culture and history, you can also visit the archaeological museum of Fethiye. Here you will find a nice overview of the long history of the region. There are many excavated objects on display, such as jewelry, ceramics and other art. In addition, the museum has a special department for the ethnographic development of the region.

Oludeniz BeachOludeniz BeachPhoto: Dan Taylor CC 2.0 no changes made

The Fethiye region has some beautiful seaside resorts, such as the world famous beach of Oludeniz, where you will find besides the beach, fun nightlife and luxurious accommodations. From Fethiye it is easy to visit other parts of Turkey due to the good infrastructure of the region. That is why Fethiye is also a great base for a tour of Turkey.

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