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Climate and Weather

Burgundy Auxerre in the sunBurgundy Auxerre in the sunPhoto: Christophe.Finot CC 2.5 Generic no changes made

Burgundy is far inland and therefore has a largely Central European continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Only in the west of the area does the Atlantic Ocean leave its mark on the climate. The southeast is influenced by the Mediterranean climate.

The weather usually comes in from the west, when moisture-saturated clouds arrive from the Atlantic Ocean and linger against the highest mountains of the Morvan, it can rain long in the heart of the region. On average, there is between 650 and 900 mm of rainfall per year in Burgundy. In the Morvan there is much more rainfall in the mountain areas, 1600 to 1800 mm per year. It rains or snows 180 days a year on the peaks. The most rain falls in the months of June and August, the least rain falls in the month of March.

The average temperatures are slightly higher than in England.

Climate table Auxerre

precipitationavg tempmax.temp.min.temp.
January51 mm2,7°C16,8°C-20,1°C
February54 mm4,0°C23,0°C-18,8°C
March47 mm6,8°C26,6°C-10,8°C
April40 mm9,8°C28,7°C-3,6°C
May65 mm13,5°C31,3°C-1,0°C
June65 mm16,7°C35,8°C3,0°C
July48 mm18,7°C39,6°C5,8°C
August57 mm18,3°C38,8°C4,0°C
September54 mm15,8°C35,3°C0,5°C
October54 mm11,4°C28,8°C-2,9°C
November53 mm6,2°C22,8°C-8,1°C
December55 mm3,6°C18,4°C-15,1°C
Year540 mm10,6°C39,6°C-20,1°C

Climate table Dijon

precipitationavg temp
January59 mm1,6°C
February53 mm3,6°C
March53 mm6,5°C
April52 mm9,8°C
May86 mm13,7°C
June62 mm17,2°C
July51 mm19,7°C
August65 mm19,1°C
September67 mm16,1°C
October58 mm11,3°C
November64 mm5,6°C
December62 mm2,3°C
Year732 mm10,5°C



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