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Climate and Weather

Normandy has a maritime climate with temperate winters and pleasant summers. The average daily temperature in the months of May and June is around 18.5°C, in July and August around 22.5°C and in September and October around 19°C. November and December have an average temperature of around 11.5°C. January and February are the coldest months with 7°C. In March and April, it gets warmer again with an average of 9.5°C. On sunny summer days with a favourable wind, temperatures of up to 30°C can be found. In May, June and September, the sun shines approximately 210 hours per month, on the coast even an average of 230 sun hours.

It rains regularly but never for very long. Nevertheless, especially in spring and winter, storms and rain can occur. The rapid changes in a single day are also characteristic. Sun, rain, fog and wind can succeed each other in a high tempo. Because of its location by the sea, Normandy has to deal with mainly north and west winds.


Graaf, G. de / Normandië, Bretagne


Normandië, Kanaaleilanden
Michelin Reisuitgaven

Normandië, west : Caen, Mont-St-Michel, Guernsey, Jersey

Radius, J. / Normandië, Bretagne

Reiser, H. / Normandië
Van Reemst

Vermoolen, S. / Normandië

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