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Climate and Weather

Despite the small size of the island, the differences in climate are great. Like the other western Canary Islands, La Gomera has two climate zones, the humid north and the dry south. In general, however, it can be said that the temperature on La Gomera is fairly mild throughout the year, even in winter.

Trade winds ('vientos alisios'), Atlantic low pressure areas and the mountain massif in the centre of the island, make the northern side of La Gomera much more cloudy and rainy than the southern side, where it almost never rains.

The south and southwest coasts are known for the large number of sun hours per year. From July to September it is sometimes very warm, although the mercury almost never rises above 27°C. In winter, temperatures in the coastal areas rarely drop below 18°C, but it can be quite cold in the mountains, especially between January and March.

Remarkably, the 90 km2 Parque Nacional de Garajonay, only 15 km away from the coast, receives a lot of precipitation (600-800 mm per year) and is regularly shrouded in fog. The average annual rainfall on La Gomera is 410 mm. In the valley of Hermigua there is 500 mm of precipitation per year. The stream through the valley, the Río del Cedro, hardly ever dries up and several reservoirs ensure that the precious water can be saved. The southern area around Playa Santiago receives the least precipitation, about 20 mm per year.

The temperature of the sea water hardly varies: between 18 and 22°C all year round.


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