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Climate and weather

The Dordogne has a transitional climate with generally mild winters and summer temperatures that are about five degrees higher than in England. The best months to visit this part of France are May, June, September and October.

The northern situated Périgord Vert is still under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, which causes a lot of precipitation, especially in spring and autumn. In summer, it is generally dry and sunny. The hottest months are July and August with average temperatures of 20°C and peaks of over 30°C.

The southern part of the Périgord is strongly influenced by the continental climate of the Massif Central. In summer, the average temperatures here range from 21-27°C and it is regularly hotter than 30°C (maximum record: 39.2°C in Bergerac on 8 July 1982). The Périgord Noir is one of the sunniest regions of France.

Winters in this area can be quite severe (minimum record: -22.2°C in Bassillac on 17 January 1987).

Heavy rain showers are no exception, there is only snow for six days a year on average. There are often thunderstorms in the Vézère valley and in the south-west of Dordogne. The average annual rainfall in Dordogne is about 800 mm. Less than 800 mm falls in the southeast, more than 1000 mm per year falls in the north and northeast.

Climate table Dordogne

average daytemperaturerainfallp/m
january 7°C84 mm
february 9°C80 mm
march 12°C74 mm
april 17°C75 mm
may 24°C72 mm
june 27°C71 mm
july 29°C75 mm
august 29°C70 mm
september 24°C77 mm
october 18°C83 mm
november 9°C87 mm
december 7°C85 mm


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