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The economy of regions such as Dordogne has traditionally been based on agriculture, and the food industry is the region's main economic activity.

Hundreds of thousands of geese and ducks produce the famous and sometimes controversial 'paté de foie gras' (goose liver) and 'Confit de Canard' (duck confit), especially outside France. This product is processed in factories in places such as Périgueux, Sarlat and Martel. Other typical products of the Dordogne are strawberries (approx. 20,000 tons per year), apple cider, walnuts (annual nut production 5000-7000 tons and also nut oil and nut liquor), tobacco, truffles and wine (especially in the Bergeracois: 100,000 hl red wine; 210,000 hl white wine). Famous white wines are monbazillac, pécharmant, bergerac, montravel, rosette and saussignac.

The industrial activities are almost negligible and are mainly in the tradition of the yield of the land and the old handicrafts. For example, in the town of Nontron, knives with box handles have been made by hand since the 15th century. The iron-ore-rich soil and the river Bandiat once gave rise to a flourishing metal industry. However, the knife industry is the last remnant of this.

In 1970, the national stamp printing office was moved from Paris to Perigueux. Every year, more than 3.5 billion stamps are printed for France and about twenty other countries.

The Marbot-Bata shoe factory in Neuvic is still one of the most important employers in the Dordogne.

La Lardin-St-Lazare and Condat-sur-Vézère are huge centres of the paper industry.

Apart from the Sarladais region, Eymet has a very large number of canning factories where 'foie gras' is canned.

Bergerac is the centre of French tobacco growing and its vineyards cover an area of about 12,000 ha. The wines produced here are allowed to carry the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, such as Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac, Monbazillac, Montravel and Pécharmant. Furthermore, the Société des Poudres et Explosifs, a company that produces cellulose nitrate for the film industry and for paints, varnishes and plastics, is located here.


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