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State structure

France is a democratic republic that came into being in 1789 when the French Revolution put an end to the monarchy and the feudal form of government. There are 101 departments in total (96 in France and 5 in the overseas territories), all numbered in alphabetical order. The departments turned out to be too small to function properly, so the country was redistributed into 22 regions. Every six years, people go to the polls to elect a departmental council. They, in turn, elect the department's executive committee. For the current political situation, see chapter history.

Nice is the largest city of the Côte d'Azur, with a population of about 350,000. The city is the centre of the "Communauté urbaine" Nice-Côte d'Azur, consisting of 24 municipalities and about 500,000 inhabitants.

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Cannes International Film Festival

The Cannes International Film Festival was founded in 1939 to compete with Hollywood. It succeeded quite well, because after the Oscars, the Golden Palms are the most coveted film awards. Due to the Second World War, the first festival did not take place until 1947, but since then, the twelve-day film festival has been held every year in May.


St-André-Les-Alpes is France's most important centre for paragliding, or skydiving, which is an aerial technique that evolved from parachute jumping. The most fundamental difference between parachute and paraglider is that a parachute opens in free fall, while a paraglider is launched in a flyable state.


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Côte d’Azur
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