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Plants and Animals


The vegetation on Lanzarote consists mainly of cacti and the Canary palm. The sheltered area around Haría in the north of the country is particularly green, with thousands of date palms, among others. The north of Lanzarote is most interesting for plant lovers anyway. A number of rare species can be found here, such as flea herb. This herb grows mainly on the steep cliffs of Riscos del Famara.

Lanzarote VegetatonLanzarote VegetatonPhoto: Mikegt38 CC 3.0 no changes made

Some plants that are only found in the Canary Islands are snakeweed, retama (gorse) and tabaiba (king-jube spurge). The lava plains are covered with hundreds of species of lichen. The cardón (candelabra spurge) is the best known euphorbia. There are only a few specimens of the dragon tree, a member of the lily family, left on Lanzarote.

Passiflora, LanzarotePassiflora, LanzarotePhoto: Oliver P. Quillia CC 3.0 no changes made

The south of the island is by far the driest part of Lanzarote, where only a few buckthorn bushes and spurgewort plants can survive.

The small island of Los Lobos in the strait of La Bocaina is home to numerous endemic plant species, such as the passiflora which is hardly found on most other islands in the Canary Archipelago.


There are only a few animal species on Lanzarote. Apart from feral pets and pigeons, there are only a few birds of prey and sea birds. On land, there is the yellowfinch, an ancestor of our canary. A few decades ago, a species of shrew was discovered and the white sea crabs of Jameos del Agua, caves in the north of Lanzarote, are nowhere to be found.

Dromedaries, LanzaroteDromedaries, LanzarotePhoto: Norbert Nagel CC 3.0 no changes made

The many dromedaries on the island are not native animals, but were brought here by the first Europeans who visited the island. Today, they are mainly used for tourism.

Thousands of goats roam the island more or less freely and cause a clearing that damages the sparse vegetation.


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