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Before the unification of Canada in 1867, the area that is now the Northwest Territories was largely in the hands of the Hudson's Bay Company, a private company. In 1870, the HBC handed the area over to Canada. The NWT then covered much of Canada from what is now British Columbia to Hudson Bay and parts of Quebec to the east and south to the United States border. With the formation of new provinces, British Columbia in 1870, Manitoba and, finally in 1905, Alberta and Saskatchewan, the territory steadily declined. The expansion of Ontario and Quebec northwards and the formation of the Yukon Territory between 1880 and 1898 reduced the NWT even further. However, in 1880, part of the Arctic Archipelago that had previously been under direct British administration was added to the NWT. In 1912 the territory consisted of three districts, namely: Keewatin, Franklin and Mackenzie and had an area larger than India.

On 1 April 1999, Nunavut was separated from the territory and lost more than half of its area.

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