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Basic information
Official languageEnglish, French
Area72.908 kmĀ²
Population794,300  (2021)
CurrencyCanadian dollar  (CND)

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Vacations and Sightseeing

New Brunswick's most famous natural attraction is the Bay of Fundy. This bay has the highest tidal range on earth and the surrounding coast is the perfect place to see this legendary spectacle. For the best views, head to Hopewell Rocks or drive along the coastal road to the town of Alma, just north of the entrance to Fundy National Park. Time your arrival in Alma so that you're there at low tide. You'll see fishing boats stuck on the muddy ground of the bay, right next to the pier.

Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick and has an array of attractions, recreational opportunities and architectural highlights. The stone buildings of the historic Garrison district offer unique shopping opportunities. Walk down majestic Waterloo Row and admire the design of some of the stately homes or visit the picturesque Legislative Assembly Building. At Kings Landing Historical Settlement, costumed residents vividly portray the 19th century. The houses, farms, shops and factories line the spectacular St. John River. Print your own map at the Print Shop and try your hand at butter. At Government House, you'll see beautiful architecture, historic New Brunswick furniture and contemporary artwork in elegant public spaces. The 11-acre site was once part of the 17th century Arcadian settlement known as Sainte-Anne.


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