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Climate and Weather

Lot is located in a transition area with influences from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Massif Central. Especially in the summer, the climate in Lot is pleasantly warm and sunny. The almost always present 'autan', a föhn-like south, southeast wind, ensures that it does not get too hot and it almost does not rain.

The beautiful weather lasts into autumn and even in September, the temperature can rise to around 26°C. In spring and autumn, it is a lot cooler in this region with temperatures around 20-22°C and in winter there can be the occasional heavy shower.

Autumn is very beautiful in Lot with the yellow-red colours of the sun and nature; "l'été indien". Winters are mild in the valleys, but can bring snow in the higher regions. Spring is sometimes fickle.

Weather Cahors
avg high temp.avg low temp.
march 15°Cmarch 4°C
april 17°Capril 6°C
may 20°Cmay 9°C
june 24°Cjune 12°C
july25°Cjuly 14°C
august 26°Caugust14°C
september 23°Cseptember 12°C
october 18°Coctober 8°C
november 13°Cnovember 5°C
december 9°Cdecember 3°C
avg rainy dayshours sun p/d
january 16january3
february 13february 4
march 13march 6
april 13april 7
may 14may 7
june 11june 8
july 11july 8
august12august 8
september 13september 7
october 14october 5
november 15november 3
december 17december 2


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