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Climate and Weather

The Loire Valley is known for its mild climate. The air currents pushing in from the ocean hardly encounter any barriers, so their moderating influence can be felt far to the east. The Loire forms the boundary between two climatic regions.

In the summer, it separates the moist northern air from the warmer and drier southern one. After a short winter, spring usually arrives in March. May, June and autumn are the most pleasant periods. July and August can be very hot, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30° C.

Weather Nantes

avg. high temp.avg low temp.
january 8°Cjanuary 2°C
february10°Cfebruary 3°C
march 12°Cmarch 4°C
april 15°Capril 6°C
may18°Cmay 9°C
june 22°Cjune 12°C
july 24°Cjuly 14°C
august 24°Caugust 14°C
september 22°Cseptember 12°C
october 17°Coctober 9°C
november 12°Cnovember 5°C
december 9°Cdecember 3°C
avg rainy dayshours sun p/d
january 13january 2
february 11february 4
march 11march 5
april 9april 6
may 11may 7
june 8juni 8
july 7july 9
august 7august 8
september 8september 6
october 10october 5
november 11november 3
december 12december 2


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