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Climate and Weather

La Palma has a subtropical climate favoured by the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature practically never exceeds 30°C, except when hot air currents from the Sahara come over (the eastern or south-eastern tiempo del sur). The average temperature in winter is still around 20°C. Inland and in the higher parts of the island, the temperature differences are more extreme. For example, in the sheltered parts of the Caldera it can get quite warm, while on the top of the highest mountain, the Roque de los Muchachos, it is always cold and there is often snow in winter.

Very important for the weather on La Palma is the north-easterly trade wind (el alisio), which contains a lot of water vapour. The warm air cools off through contact with the cold sea current and is forced upwards by the mountain ranges on La Palma. The water vapour then condenses and falls as mist. Because of the north-south running mountain ranges on La Palma there is much more precipitation in the eastern than in the western part of the island. The average annual rainfall in the east is 800 mm, while in the west it is only 400 mm. Most precipitation falls in the months of November and January. Between November and March there can be stormy north-westerly and south-westerly winds.

La Palma gets more rain than the other islands, and in spring and autumn it is cloudy for an average of 63 days. By far the most precipitation falls in the northeast.

A special phenomenon is the falling sea of clouds or 'mar de nubes'. Like a waterfall, the clouds flow at high speed over the top of the Cumbres and then quickly dissolve again.


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