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Basic information
Official languageInuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, French
Area2.093.190 kmĀ²
Population39,403  (2021)
CurrencyCanadian dollar  (CAD)

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Vacations and Sightseeing

Iqaluit is a city of nearly 30,000 people on Baffin Island and the capital of Nunavut. With the largest number of hotels, restaurants and urban amenities, Iqaluit acts as a gateway to the rest of the region and the best place to hire professional guides. Tourists can also enjoy local specialities, such as musk ox stew, caribou steak or Muktuk (whale skin), and pick up some Inuit trinkets as souvenirs. The modest sights of the downtown area are the Legislative Assembly building and the Nunatta Sunakkataangit Museum, which has changing exhibitions and display cases of historical photographs and Inuit artefacts.

The Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park is a 30-minute walk from Iqaluit. It is a tundra cut in half by the Sylvia Grinnell River. Hiking trails offer signs informing about the fauna of the park, which is home to caribou, arctic foxes and about 40 species of birds depending on the season. The park is home to a number of important archaeological sites, including the remains of stone settlements of the ancient predecessors of the Eskimos. Natural attractions exist in the form of numerous waterfalls and rocky slopes with glaciers and tundra meadows.


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