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Spanish language mapSpanish language mapPhoto: Michael Jester in the public domain

The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish. This Spanish differs considerably in pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence construction from the Spanish on the Iberian Peninsula. Yet it is said that the Costa Ricans, along with the Columbians, speak the most intelligible Spanish in the world.

The Castellano, spoken in Spain, is well understood by the Costa Ricans.

In general, all letters are spoken except the "h". The Costa Ricans very often use diminutives. They use "ico" as the reduction output, so they say "momentico" for "a short moment" (Spanish: momentito).

The remote Indian communities still speak an indigenous language. The most common Indian language is Bribrí. Other Indian languages are Cabecar, Guaymi and Maleko.

On the east coast there are some enclaves where Negro or Pidgin English is the main language. The English spoken on this coast comes from Jamaica and Barbados.


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