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Albania has a varied plant and animal world, with species that no longer occur elsewhere in the Balkans. But also in Albania nature is under pressure due to the drying up of the many wetlands and industrialization since the WWII. Although the swamps were unhealthy for humans, they were home to rich plant and animal life, including the now nearly extinct Dalmatian Pelican.



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Salix reticulata, Albania

Salix reticulata AlbaniaPhoto: Opiola Jerzy CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Due to the large differences in altitude, soil types and climate, Albania is blessed with a very rich and varied flora: 3221 species have been counted divided into two clear groups. The border runs from the north to the south via Shkodra to Leskovik.

To the west of this line you will find a typical Mediterranean flora (approx. 355 of the total number of species), and to the east in the mountains we encounter a typical mountain flora. In all of Albania there are 489 species that are typical for the Balkans, of which about 40 are found only in Albania, including the asphodel, the Balkan dioscorea, the wild driada and the Salix reticulata, a willow species.

On the coastal plain, the vegetation has a Mediterranean character. More inland, between approx. 700 and 1000 m altitude, follows an area of oak, beech and chestnut forest. Between 1000 and 1800 the coniferous forests predominate and above 1800 m one finds mainly alpine meadow vegetation.

Oak forests make up 20% of the total Albanian forest stock. In other parts of the country, up to 800 meters high, Mediterranean shrubs are dominant: myrtle, strawberry, heather and mastic tree. In the warm southwest grow, among other things, disc cactus, bay leaf, fig tree, black hornbeam and eucalyptus.


Wolf, AlbaniaWolf AlbaniaPhoto: Quartel CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

In the forests with oak and conifers, ferrets, wolves (approx. 400 specimen), foxes and jackals are found. Brown bears, pine martens, lynx and weasels live in the higher coniferous forests. Roe deer, chamois and wild boars are found in some areas and Albania has no fewer than 14 species of bats and 350 bird species (including migratory birds). Typical Albanian species are crows, sparrows, shovelers, two kinds of partridges, pheasants and heron species. Migratory birds living in Albani To rest are nightingales, storks, cuckoos, larks, thrushes, geese, doves and woodpeckers. Albania knows many birds of prey, such as eagle, falcon, buzzard, sparrowhawk, little owl and eagle owl.

260 fish species live in the Albanian rivers. In several lakes, including Lake Ohrid, a unique trout, the so-called 'Koran', is found.

Various snake species occur on land, including the highly venomous Balkan viper, the water snake and the Montpellier snake. Furthermore, many types of toads, frogs, salamanders, lizards and two types of turtles. In the south of Albania scorpions are common.

Small bustard, almost extinct in Albania Small bustard, almost extinct in Albania Photo: Francesco Veronesi CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

Dalmatian Pelican, almost extinct in Albania Dalmatian Pelican, almost extinct in AlbaniaPhoto: Tim Sträter CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

Red-legged Falcon, almost extinct in AlbaniaRed-legged Falcon, almost extinct in AlbaniaPhoto: Jutta Luft CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Provençal warbler, almost extinct in AlbaniaProvençal warbler, almost extinct in AlbaniaPhoto: Gailhampshire CC Attribution 2.0 Generic no changes made

Meadow Pipit, almost extinct in AlbaniaMeadow Pipit, almost extinct in AlbaniaPhoto: Osotis Scorpioides at en.wikipedia CC 3.0 no changes made



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