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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is made up of four countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. TheWorldOfInfo has chosen to deal with each individual country.

Westminster Abbey. EnglandWestminster Abbey. EnglandPhoto: Jdforester CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

There is complete freedom of religion, but the state church of England is the Church of England. The King must be a member of the Church of England and must pledge to protect the Church when he is enthroned. Associated with the Church of England is the so-called Anglican Communion. About 72% of the English population belong to a state church or a free church, about 8% are Roman Catholic and over 2.5% are Islamic. There are also 400,000 Sikhs, 350,000 Hindus, 300,000 Jews and 25,000 Buddhists. Read more about the Religion of England

13 century church Wales13 century church WalesPhoto: Rhodri Jones CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

Christianity arrived in Wales in the 5th century. Until the mid-18th century, the vast majority of the Welshmen were members of the Anglican church. From 1735, the Church of England was fought from the inside out by the methodists, who emphasized piety, simplicity and poverty. Read more about the Religion of Wales

St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh, Northern IrelandSt Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh, Northern IrelandPhoto: JohnArmagh CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest single denomination in Northern Ireland. Yet all Protestant groups are together in the majority. The Catholic population is about 45% of the population and lives mainly in the cities of Belfast and Londonderry. The largest Protestant groups are the Presbyterians and the Church of Ireland. Presbyterians are mainly of Scottish descent, members of the Anglican Church of Ireland are mainly of English descent and largely dominate social life in Northern Ireland. Read more about the Religion of Northern Ireland

Church of Scotland logoChurch of Scotland logoPhoto: Matthew Ross in the public domain

The Presbyterian Church of Scotland or Scottish Church (also called "Kirk") has about 1600 congregations with about 752,000 members, the (Anglican) Episcopal Church of Scotland about 58,000; the number of Roman Catholics is approximately 745,000, living mainly in and around Glasgow, who are divided into two archdioceses and six dioceses. Read more about the Religion of Scotland


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