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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is made up of four countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. TheWorldOfInfo has chosen to deal with each individual country.

The English love there pubThe English love there pubPhoto: Mark Waugh (CC BY 2.0) no changes made

The residents of England are descended from a number of populations that settled on the British Isles over the course of millennia. The last invasion was that of the Normans in 1066. Before the Normans, several pre-Celtic and Celtic-speaking populations came to Great Britain and Ireland, followed by Romans (55 BC - 410 AD), Anglo-Saxons, Frisians and the Vikings from Denmark and Norway. All these peoples have undeniably left their mark in culture, language and architecture. Read more about the Population of England

Welsh Rugby TeamWelsh Rugby TeamPhoto: Ezioman CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

The population of Wales (Welshmen) grew by only 900,000 inhabitants between 1900 and 1990, ie slower than the population of all of Great Britain. Many emigrated, including to England. In 2017, Wales has just over 3 million inhabitants. The average population density of Wales is approximately 140 inhabitants per km2, but the population is very unevenly spread. Read more about the Population of Wales

George Best, Iconic Northern Irish FootballplayerGeorge Best, Iconic Northern Irish FootballplayerPhoto: Andy Welsh CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

The population of Northern Ireland is 1,876,695 (2017). Most residents live in the countryside. The ratio is about 45% in the countryside and 55% in the cities. In addition to the original Irish population, there are also many descendants of English and Scottish settlers. Read more about the Population of Northern Ireland

Highland games ScotlandHighland games ScotlandPhoto: Jon Sullivan in the public domain

Since 1901 (4,472,000 inhabitants; currently (2017) approximately 5.3 million), the population of Scotland has increased only moderately. This slight increase in population was caused by a departure surplus; it is estimated that more than 20 million Scots and descendants of them live all over the world. Scotland is one of the least populated areas in Europe with about 65 inhabitants per km2. Read more about the Population of Scotland


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