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The population shows great ethnic diversity as a result of the colonial labor policy to maintain plantation agriculture. There are 8 different population groups to name. In 2017, the proportions are as follows: Hindustani 27%, Maroons or Maroons 22%, Creoles 16%, Javanese 14%, Mixed 13%, Indians 2%, Chinese 2%, Europeans 1% and others.

The population is concentrated in the coastal region, more than half live within a radius of 35 km around Paramaribo. Greater Paramaribo has approximately 239,000 inhabitants. The remaining population lives in small settlements along the coast and along the rivers. The only other place of significance is Nieuw Nickerie.

It is estimated that about 350,000 people of Surinamese descent live in the Netherlands (see also emigration).

In 2017, the population of Suriname was 591,3919. The natural population growth was 1.02% in 2017. The birth rate in 2017 was 15.8 per 1000 inhabitants and the death rate 6.1. The average life expectancy for men is 70.1 years and for women 75.1 years.


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