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Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

Precipitation in Paramaribo, SurinamePrecipitation in Paramaribo, SurinamePhoto: Ymnes in the public domain

Suriname has a tropical rainforest climate for the most part. The driest months are generally September and October. Suriname has a double rainy season. In January it rains a lot, but from April to July is the long rainy season. Sometimes heavy showers occur at the end of the rainy season.

The average temperature in Paramaribo is 27.3 degrees Celsius. The average daily maximum temperature is highest in October and lowest in January. The average minimum temperature is about 23 degrees all year round.

The relative humidity is on average 80%. The winds blow predominantly from the east and are generally weak at speeds of between one and two meters per second. The climate in the interior differs little, in general the precipitation is higher.

In short, Suriname has four seasons:

The short rainy season, the first half of December to the second half of January. The short dry season, the second half of January to the second half of March. The long rainy season, the second half of March to the first half of August. The great dry season, the second half of August to the first half of December.


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