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Basic information
Official languageFrench, German, Luxembourgish
Area2.586 kmĀ²
Population643,216  (2021)
Currencyeuro  (EUR)


Luxembourg city

Vacations and Sightseeing

Tourism is very important for Luxembourg's economy. The biggest tourist attraction is the area south of the Sauer at the border with Germany, the so-called Little Switzerland. Characteristic are the rocks with gorges and the special vegetation. Other natural attractions are the beautiful valleys of the Esch and Moselle, among others. Apart from the capital Luxembourg, the touristically interesting cities are Clervaux, Echternach, Vianden and Wiltz. A well-known seaside resort is Mondorf-les-Bains.

From the Middle Ages, some castles and ruins have been preserved, e.g. those of Beaufort, Bourscheid, and Clervaux. The most important museums are the Musées de l'Etat (archaeological, natural history, history, art and folklore sections) and the Musée Pescatore (17th-19th-century Belgian, French and Dutch paintings) in the city of Luxembourg. Furthermore, there is the Maison Victor Hugo and a folklore museum in Vianden, a wine museum and a number of war and regional museums.

Luxembourg City is a relatively unknown destination for holidays and city trips, but the city is definitely worth a visit. Especially in the cultural field, Luxembourg flourishes. There are beautiful historical buildings and interesting museums to be found. The Palais Grand-Ducal (the castle of the Grand Duke) dates from 1572, but has been extended and rebuilt many times since. The current Grand Duke of Luxembourg still lives in this castle. The cathedral of Luxembourg with the beautiful name Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Luxembourg is also worth seeing. In the church, a special 17th century statue of the Virgin Mary can be found. The statue comes from a chapel outside Luxembourg City.

It is believed that the statue protected the people of Luxembourg during a plague epidemic. Read more on the Luxembourg city page.


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