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Plants and Animals


Landscape of Gutland, LuxembourgLandscape of Gutland, LuxembourgPhoto: Zinneke CC 3.0 no changes made

The Ösling and Gutland regions are naturally covered with beech trees. However, the beech forests have been largely replaced by plantations. On marlstone soils, the natural forest consists of oak and hornbeam. Furthermore, Scots Pine and Norway Spruce have been planted.


Fallow Deer, LuxembourgFallow Deer, LuxembourgPhoto: Johann-Nikolaus Andreae CC 2.0 no changes made

Deer, roe deer and wild boar live in the forests. Also the mouflon and the raccoon can be found. Among the birds, the number of water and marsh birds is limited due to the small area of suitable natural conditions. Only the mallard, teal and garganey, lapwing and grey heron occur regularly. All fish species in fast flowing waters, such as brown trout, grayling, barbel and nase fish are present, as well as some species of slow flowing waters, such as pike, bream, rudd and carp. Species such as salmon and sea trout are no longer found, due to the works on the Rhine and the Moselle, and the pollution of these rivers. Nearly all native birds are protected.


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