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Over 594,000 people live in luxembourg (2017). The population is distributed unevenly across the country. In Ösling, the population density (25-50 inhabitants per km2) is much lower than the national average. The entire region has only three "towns" with more than 2,000 inhabitants. The small villages have few facilities (schools, doctors, pharmacies), so that the depopulation of Ösling continues. The government is trying to stop the depopulation by constructing industrial areas in these places. In Gutland, most people live around the city of Luxembourg and in the industrial area of Esch-sur-Alzette in the southwest. The population is growing slowly.

The increase in population is due to immigration surplus. One third of the total population is made up of foreigners: officials of the European Union in and around the capital, and guest workers in the southern industrial area (16% of the population are Portuguese,8% French and 4% Italians). Especially in the capital Luxembourg and its surroundings, the number of foreigners is sometimes very high, in some municipalities up to 45-50% of the total population. About a fifth of the population lives in the capital of the same name.


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