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An important characteristic of the population is ethnic diversity, although the black element is most present. The majority, over 93%, of the inhabitants is of Dutch Antillean descent. This includes the inhabitants who come from Aruba, Curaçao, and the Windward Antillean Islands. About 90% were born on the island. Furthermore, the island has several hundred inhabitants from the Netherlands, the United States and Venezuela. A very small percentage comes from other Caribbean islands, such as the Dominican Republic.

What is striking about the composition of the population is that the average age is currently around thirty.

Recent developments indicate that there has been a substantial growth of the population in recent years. In 2020 Bonaire will have almost 21,000 inhabitants. This is almost entirely the result of a large positive migration balance. Most migrants come from Curaçao. The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, the Netherlands and the United States are the other countries from which many people left for Bonaire.

It is striking that for the first time more people from the Netherlands are leaving for Bonaire than the other way around.


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