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The official language and most common colloquial language is Arabic;English is the language in international traffic. There are different types of Arabic. Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran, is the basis of all contemporary dialects of spoken and written Arabic. A modernized and somewhat simplified form of Classical Arabic is the language of the Middle Eastern class being studied. This modern one, the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), is used in newspapers and on radio and television. It is also spoken by Arabs from different countries. Such a common language is necessary because the different dialects often differ too much from each other.

Arabic AlphabetArabic AlphabetPhoto: Public Domain

Some Arabic words and phrases:
One- waHid
Two- idhnin
Three- dhladha
Hello- as-salama alaykum
Welcome- ahlan wa sahlan or marHaba
Yes- aiwa/na'am
No- la
Thank you- shukran or mashkur to a man
mashkura to a woman;maskurin to a group
I come from Europe- orobba
I come from the Netherlands- holanda
I come from South Africa- jinub afriqye
I come from America- amrika
What does that mean?- shu ya'ani?
Car- sayyara
Bus- bass
Boat- markab
East- sharug
West- gharub
Lunch- al-ghade
Dinner- al-ashe
Potato- batates
Tea- chai
Coffee- qahwa
January- yanayir
December- disimbir
Bahrain is coming from "bahr-ein" which means "two seas".


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