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Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

Average Rainfall BahrainAverage Rainfall BahrainPhoto: Rehman Abubakr CC 4.0 International no changes made

Bahrain has a warm and humid climate;in summer, from May to September, the average temperature reaches approx. 29°C, in winter approx. 21°C. Average daytime temperatures are around 36°C. with an average of twelve days above 40°C. From November to March there is a pleasant climate with warm days and cool nights with minimum temperatures of 14°C. and maximum temperatures of 24°C. That is also the best time to visit Bahrain. The average humidity is 7% in winter and 59% in summer.
In summer, sand storms and hot summer winds (qaws) make the climate very unpleasant. The rainfall is very low: only about 75 mm per year. Most precipitation falls in the period from December to the end of April. In the period from June to November it hardly ever rains.


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