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State structure

Angola Assembleia NacionalAngola Assembleia NacionalPhoto: Fabio Vanin CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The Republic of Angola (Portuguese: Republica de Angola, until August 1992 People's Republic of Angola) is a constitutional (presidential) republic. The Angolan constitution dates from 11 November 1975 and provides for a multi-party system after the last revision in August 1992. The legal system is based on Portuguese and customary law. The independence of the judiciary is enshrined in the constitution.

Since the adoption of a new constitution in 2010, Angola has effectively become a presidential republic, with the president being both the head of state and government, with near-absolute power. He is commander in chief of the armed forces, appoints (and fires) numerous government officials, including the vice president, the other members of the cabinet and the judges of the Supreme Court. He also calls new elections.

Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in the president, government and parliament. All this means that since 2010 the position of (designated) Prime Minister no longer exists.

The National Assembly or Assembly (Portuguese: Assembleia Nacional), has 223 members: 130 members according to the proportional representation system, 90 members in provincial districts, and 3 members representing Angolans abroad. Elections to the National Assembly are held every five years, and the president is automatically the leader of the winning party or coalition

Adminstrative division

Angola Administrative divisionAngola Administrative division
Photo: Golbez CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Administratively, Angola is divided into 18 provinces, headed by a governor, assisted by a vice-governor. Both officers are appointed by the president

Overview 18 Angolan provinces with capitals.

Cuando CubangoMenongue
Kwanza NorteN'dalatando
Kwanza SulSumbe
Lunda NorteLucapa
Lunda SulSaurimo
ZaïreM'Banza Congo

The provinces are subdivided into 164 municipalities and many hundreds of communities.


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