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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageEnglish
Area455 km²
Population99,413  (2021)
CurrencySeychellois rupee  (SCR)

Vacations and Sightseeing

The opening of the international airport on Mahé in 1971 marked the beginning of tourism in the Seychelles.

The white beaches, blue skies and warm seawater soon attracted many tourists. The island of Mahé has 68 of the most pristine white beaches. The income from tourism amounts to approximately 75% of the total foreign earnings. About 150,000 people visit the Seychelles every year. Of these, about 10,000 come to the Seychelles for a diving holiday. In 1986, only 67,000 tourists came to the Seychelles. Most of the tourists come from France, England and Germany. So there is no mass tourism yet and the government would like to keep it that way; they therefore mainly focus on the richer tourist. Large hotel complexes like on the Spanish costas are therefore not to be found on the islands.

The fastest way to travel from one island to another is by plane. Air Seychelles provides the flights between the islands. The Seychelles is the smallest country in the world with its own airline company. The island of Silhouette does not have an airport, but helicopters offer a solution.

Sailing ships with engines also sail between the larger islands. Victoria has an important seaport.

The islands of Mahé and Praslin have their own bus service. Only Mahé has a good road network. There is about 250 km of asphalted road on Mahé. On the island of La Digue, one can still get around by ox cart.


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