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Seychelles is home to 93,920 people (2017). Almost 90% of them live on Mahé, the largest island. The population density is about 170 people per km2. The second island, Praslin, has about 6,000 people. Of the 115 islands, only 30 are inhabited with sometimes no more than ten residents.

More than half of the inhabitants live in the cities, the rest live in the countryside. Victoria, with 26,000 inhabitants, is one of the smallest capital cities in the world.

Most inhabitants of the Seychelles are descendants of African slaves. Other groups are descended from migrants from Europe, India, China and Arab countries. The population of the Seychelles is now a colourful melting pot of different races that generally get along well with each other.

The population structure: almost 20% of the population is not older than 14 years and 8% of the population is older than 65. (2017)

The life expectancy of the average Seychellois is 74.9 years. (2017)


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