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About 90% of the Seychelles population is Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic faith was only introduced to the Seychelles in 1851, but quickly spread throughout the islands. The Anglican Church never became very large despite the arrival of Anglican missionaries from 1865 onwards.

The Pentecostal Church and Jehovah's Witnesses are small but active denominations in Seychelles. Hindus and Muslims have their own temple and mosque in the capital Victoria respectively. Animist remnants still exist in the Seychelles, especially among the somewhat older population. Animism is a primeval belief in which it is believed that all earthly things, such as trees, animals or even stones, possess their own spiritual power. In the Seychelles, it is called gris-gris or black magic and it still exists alongside the Catholic faith. A "bonhom" or "bonfem du bois" works with herbs, amulets and sorcery to cure illnesses, for example. Although the belief in gris gris is diminishing, the Seychelles remain a very superstitious people.


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