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Monaco city


Although the constitution guarantees freedom of religion, Roman Catholicism is Monaco's official religion. Around 90% of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.

Monaco's neo-Romanesque cathedral, where many generations of Grimaldi (including Prince Rainier after his death in 2005) are buried, was rebuilt in 1878 in white stone from La Turbie. Formerly, the 13th-century Église Saint-Nicolas stood on this site. Of particular interest are the altarpiece from c. 1500, the retable of Saint Nicholas made by Louis Bréa, and the episcopal throne of white Carrara marble. The most important religious festival is that of Saint Devote (27 January), the patron saint of the principality.

The remaining 10% of the population practise other or no religions. There are small groups of Anglicans, Baha'i and Protestants (about 6% of the population).


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