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Plants and Animals


Dividivi Aruba Dividivi ArubaPhoto: Serge Melki CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

Due to the tropical climate with its limited rainfall, plant growth on the dry soil is limited to about 500 species. There are mainly shrubs, agaves and tree species such as the typical dividivi. This tree species is formed by the wind. The most striking family of plants are the cacti that are spread over the island in a large number of species.


Cascabel Aruba Cascabel ArubaPhoto: Montealto CC 4.0 International no changes made

There are seven types of lizard species, of which the iguana is the best known. There are also two snake species, the Santanero and the poisonous Cascabel. Aruba has about 174 bird species. Most, however, only come to hibernate or are on their way to another breeding ground. About 50 species breed on the island.

Mammals come mainly in the form of goats and donkeys. Because goats eat everything they are very threatening to the already fragile plant growth.The living organisms of the coral belong to the cavity animals. In addition, there are barracudas, squid, sharks, crabs, lobsters, rays, turtles, sea horses and starfish in the sea.


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