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Although Dutch was the official language of Aruba, Papiamento is the most widely spoken language. Papiamento originated from Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, French and a little African. The name Papiamento is derived from the verb "papia" which means to talk. The basis of Papiamento is mainly of Spanish and Portuguese origin. With the arrival of the Dutch, Dutch was added. English and French descend from the occupiers of other Caribbean islands. The mixed language that developed from this has slowly but surely taken the place of a mother tongue. Aruba even has an official spelling of Papiamento. This differs from the spelling as used on the islands of Bonaire and Curacao. In addition to Papiamento and Dutch, most Arubans often also speak excellent Spanish and English.

In March 2007, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao recognized Papiamentu as an official language in addition to Dutch and English. It had taken ten years before a bill to this effect was finally passed.


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