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Basic information
Official languageSwahili
Area945.087 kmĀ²
Population62,710,097  (2021)
CurrencyTanzanian shilling  (TZS)

Popular destinations TANZANIA


Vacations and Sightseeing

Zanzibar, TanzaniaZanzibar, TanzaniaPhoto: Avishai Winiwarter CC4.0 Internationalno changes made

Tourism is a potential growth sector. On average, the tourist market has grown by 7 percent in recent years. Revenues have increased tenfold in the last decade and the number of tourists has quadrupled, with most tourists coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Zanzibar attracts more than 100,000 tourists annually and tourism is the second largest source of income after the production of cloves.

Tanzania has a number of world-renowned natural attractions.

Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, is important. Kilomanjaro is a mountain range consisting of three volcanoes. Many tourists climb this mountain every year. It's not a very difficult climb in itself, but altitude sickness can be a problem because of the thin air at this altitude.

Serengeti national park TanzaniaSerengeti national park TanzaniaPhoto: Michelle Maria CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The Serengeti National Park is Tanzania's major tourist attraction and top safari destination. It is best known for its great migration with millions of animals traversing the park in search of water and food elsewhere. The park is described in more detail in the chapter plants and animals.

In the Ngorongoro area you will find the largest collapsed volcano crater in the world. Such a crater is also called Caldera. Ngorongoro is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters near Arusha. This is the habitat of the colorful Massaai tribe. Due to its remote location, you can see many wild animals at the bottom of the crater. Especially the lion population is a draw.

Less famous but well worth a visit are parks in the western and southern parts of the country, especially the Selous Game Reserve. It is a much larger area than the Serengetti and is almost the size of Switzerland. What is special is that this is one of the few reserves where you can make a safari on foot. Animals that can often be seen here include Elephants, Hippos and Rhinos.

Kariakoo market in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaKariakoo market in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPhoto: Prof.Chen Hualin CC 4.0 International no changes

Also special is the Kairakoo market in Dar es Salaam, the largest covered market in Africa.


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