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Basic information
Official languagePolish
Area312.685 km²
Population37,774,722  (2021)
Currencyzloty  (PLN)

Cities in POLAND

Krakow Lodz Warsaw

Vacations and Sightseeing

The tourism sector has grown significantly. In 2000, Poland was visited by 84.5 million foreigners, of which more than 17 million as tourists. There is still a serious shortage of mid-range accommodation.

International hotel chains are mainly located in the capital Warsaw and most tourist accommodations are located on the coast from the Baltic Sea, in the mountain regions and in the Mazoeri Lake District.

Many Western investors are already active in Poland.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. After the Second World War, Warsaw's historic center, Stare Miasto, was restored with great care. This was done so well that it has been fully included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The old city district therefore forms démain landmark of Warsaw. The centerpiece of Stare Miasto is the old market square. Definitely recommended to visit are the Royal Castle, the well-preserved Barbican (original Warsaw city walls) and St. John's Cathedral. Read more on the Warsaw page of countries web.

Krakow is a must for tourists visiting Poland and has numerous world-class monuments, charming views, a lovely atmosphere and excellent restaurants. You will find amazing historical monuments, the entire old town is under UNESCO's World Heritage protection. There is a separate page on TheWorldOfInfo about Krakow

Lódz is a big city, full of life and picturesque Art Nouveau buildings . Although the city is not quite a tourist destination, many people come here for its rich film history, as the city is home to leading Polish film studios and a famous film academy, known throughout Europe. Here you will also find the Museum of Modern Art with works of art by famous artists such as Chagall, Picasso, Adler, Vantongerlo, Leger and some modern artists from Poland, such as Hiler, Witkiewish and Czyzewski. Read more on the Lodz page of the countries web.


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