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Climate and Weather

Andorra has a temperate climate with cold, damp winters with lots of snow and quite cool, dry summers. In summer the average temperature is 18°C and in winter it is an average of 4°C.

Andorra Snow Andorra SnowePhoto: Christof Damian CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

Precipitation falls all year round, often in the form of snow in winter. Above 1500 meters more than half of the annual amount of precipitation falls in solid form. The first snow often falls in October, most snow falls in November and December. Andorra's highest peaks are rarely covered with snow in summer, but temperatures often hover around 0°C at night.

Climate data Les Elcaldes

Minimum temperatures:
March: 2°C
April: 4°C
May: 6°C
June: 8°C
July: 12°C
August: 12°C
September: 10°C
October: 6°C
November: 2°C

Maximum temperatures:
January: 6°C
February: 7°C
March: 12°C
April: 14°C
May: 17°C
June: 23°C
July: 26°C
August: 24°C
September: 22°C
October: 16°C
November : 10°C
December: 6°C

January: 34 mm
February: 37 mm
March: 46 mm
April: 63 mm
May: 105 mm
June : 69 mm
July: 65 mm
August: 98 mm
September: 81 mm
October: 73 mm
November: 68 mm
December: 69 mm


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