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Sardinia has been one of Italy's poorest regions since time immemorial. Large landowners still hold a lot of power and that is generally not favourable for the local population. Many attempts have been made to bring the economy of Sardinia to a higher level, but most initiatives have failed. As a result, unemployment is very high, between 15 and 20%. The emigration of young people in particular, which has led to a significant ageing of the population, is also a major problem.

The industry and the agricultural sector contribute most to the economy of Sardinia. Among other things, grain, grapes, flax, citrus fruits and almonds are grown. The south is the most fertile region and the green heart of Sardinia with, among others, endless wheat fields. The livestock consists of approximately 2.5 million sheep and 2 million cattle. This is about a quarter of the total in all of Italy. About 15% of the population works in the agricultural sector.

Along the coast people fish for lobster, sardines and tuna.

The mines (manganese, marble, iron, copper, lead, zinc and silver) and petrochemicals, the main industrial activities, employ about 30% of the workforce. Also important are the production of textiles, cork and foodstuffs, and the processing of lead and zinc.

The service sector, including public administration and tourism, employs about 40% of the workforce.


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