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Climate and Weather

Sardinia has a subtropical climate with mild, rainy winters and dry and often very hot summers. The average temperature in the summer lies between 25 °C and 30 °C on the coast. In the mountains, the temperatures are around 20 °C. In the winter, the average temperature in Cagliari is a minimum of 14°C and a maximum of 23°C. The average annual temperature in Cagliari is 18.1°C. In the mountain areas, the minimum winter temperature is around 0°C and the maximum is 6°C. In summer, there is practically no rain along the coast, but there are occasional showers in the mountains. In winter, especially in the north, there is quite a lot of rain. The average annual precipitation in southern Cagliari is about 362 mm. In the beginning of the winter, a lot of snow falls on the Gennargentu massif and sometimes even on the lower lying rocky landscape of the Supramonte.

It has been calculated that an average of 125 cloudy days occur annually along the coast. In the mountains, the number is higher, about 200. The temperature of the seawater is highest in September, about 24°C. Two types of wind also determine the weather in Sardinia. The mistral is a wind that blows from the Rhone valley in France and increases the temperature in winter and cools down the north in summer. The sirocco, a warm Sahara wind, can cause extremely high temperatures (at night up to 30°C) in the summer, especially in the south and southeast.


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